A True Alpha Christmas (True Alpha)A True Alpha Christmas by Alisa Woods
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I will preface this review to say that this book is a shifter romance. Mia and Lucas, while mated, do not always act like the typical couple mainly because they also work together. When they are acting like they are together, they make an amazing couple, and in this novella, though it is short, you get run through the gambit where emotions are concerned. They like every couple have their issues, and thankfully they are able to work through them. Mia’s mother doesn’t know that she is a shifter and when that comes to light in this book, you will get angry and sad all in one fell swoop, due to the fact of how her mother feels about shifters. You realize just why Mia has never said anything to her mother about her true self when Lucas meets Mia’s mom for the first time. By the end of the book you will have found happiness again with the characters, and this book does have a happily ever after. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Woods but it certainly will not be the last book I read from her. If you like shifter romance novels check this author out. Her writing style is great and I honestly have no complaints on anything in this book.

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