Blank: Standalone Billionaire RomanceBlank: Standalone Billionaire Romance by Cassie Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has a fantastic twist and I was absolutely along for the ride.
Preslee is a young woman on a mission to make her life better, after growing up in an awful situation and a dad that is MIA. She has to make tough life choices at a young age. She saved every penny she can so, she could move out after graduation and never look back. She is a collage student, working to get a degree in Forensic Science, hoping to one day work for the FBI.
” When I’d wanted to escape from my mother’s jibs and criticisms, I’d flip on the TV and get lost in the mysteries that threaded through countless crime shows.”  “It was more than the bissful escape from reality that took over when I watched these shows. It was the concept of justice that I’d always loved.”
Preslee’s mom is a vicious drunkin woman, who blames Preslee for all of her woes.
Her best friend Ava who also grew up in a bad situation saved up and moved out of her home when she was 16.
One night on her way home from a class on Friday nights, she decided to take a detour to the local all night supermarket. That night she was in a devestating car accident, that stole her memory.
Kris is a young man who takes an intrest in Preslee after seeing her outside of an attorney’s office. He simply could not walk away from her and asks her to coffee and to hear her story. She was the girl in an accident and then in a coma for four months.
After the coffee shop hour long conversation he asks her on a date and she agrees.
With a great date and genuine attraction to Preslee the next morning he decides to help her and begins to look into her open case. It looks like the police are getting nowhere and he believes that Preslee deserves justice for what has happend and help with all the bills that are piling up.
“I needed to protect her. She looked up at me and I’d been lost. Kissing her felt natural and inevitable, compelled to taste her, to hold her”
This is where the story gets sticky. With a great plot twist and two people who seem made for each other this romance is worth the read.

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