Call of the Dragon (Return to Avalore, #1)Call of the Dragon by Elianne Adams
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Rhia Atkinson has been running from vicious creatures for years. She doesn’t know what they are but knows they are deadly. They will kill anything in their way to get her. Since the death of her mother, she’s been lonely and is getting tired of constantly moving. Rhia has the power to heal yet when she uses that power, the monsters find her. How can a power that brings such good be wrong?

Drake Sperwell has been searching for Rhia for years. The people of Avalore are going extinct, they need their queen desperately. When Drake stumbles upon her in the midst of battle, he can’t believe his eyes. After saving her from certain death, he would do whatever it takes to protect her. His inner dragon wants to do more than protect her, it wants to consume her mind, body and spirit, make her his mate.

It was difficult for Rhia to accept that she was Queen Rhiannon. She grew up only knowing life on earth, the land of the humans. Yet with Drake’s ability to heal, as well as other abilities, there was no denying it. She had always felt different somehow, now she understood why. After being alone for years, she was happy yet nervous to know that she had brothers and that her father still lived.

To get to the safety of Avalore, they must travel through the Dark Lands, the home of the beasts trying to kill her. The Erratrols and Ikabrols know that if they kill the queen, the Avalorians will die out and they will rule the lands.

Drake has sworn to protect her with his life. On this perilous journey, he has almost lost it. Rhia realized how much she has come to rely on Drake. Her feelings for him are overwhelming. The physical attraction is there but she knows their souls are connected. It would kill her if she lost him. Drake knows that the Elders of Avalore choose your mate. Rhia is not his but his feelings for her are deep. His inner dragon will not allow anyone else to be with her. Rhia belongs to him.

Call of the Dragon is a wild adventure. Battles abound, loyalties are tested and love blooms. The chemistry between Drake and Rhia is intense. A well written and exciting book.

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