Caught by Air (The Watchtower Chronicles, #4)Caught by Air by Delwyn Jenkins
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Caught by Air is a 5 star smoking hot read by Delwyn Jenkins. This is book 4 in the Watchtower Chronicles. The story is full of feisty witches, super loyal Knights, and the ultimate bad guy.

I am truly sad I didn’t have the chance to read the first three books before diving into this one. The characters were so full of life and I really think the first books had just as much action and romance packed in as this one did. Loved that I could follow along with ease without having any clue about the magic world and all that past drama.

The witches in this story…really the whole series are based on the four elements. At the Collegium, a magic school, they place four witches, one from each of the elements together to feed off each other’s skills into a Quatre. Each of the books has been a story about each of the four witches in this special Quatre. Book four is about the air witch Amelia Sutton.

Amelia loves to work in our world as a model between saving her friends that live in the World Between. So when she has the chance to head back home, to the World Below, she takes off for a few weeks. But she only makes it a short time before she is asked to return and do something to make her an even stronger witch…an ancient ritual that will bind her with one of the Knights. The other witches Mycah, Charlotte, and Kamryn have already done this and in order to defeat the dark wizard Malleus they all think she should do it as soon as she can.

The bad part is after a painful past she wants no part in binding herself to any man…not even a defender of good and protector of the witches. But sometime an air witch has to do what an air witch has to do. She has to lock her heart away and make the most logical choice of someone she can trust, but won’t want more than to help the Quatre. Dane is more than willing to help and the two make a deal not to make this into something more…keep it simple and just save the world 😉

Too bad the heart wants what the heart wants. The two struggle to keep themselves from falling in love. Things can never go easy for this group of friends. The bad guys always try to take over and this time the good guys take the battle into their own hands and fight back.
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