Changing RolesChanging Roles by Ellie Masters
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Most likely, if you are like me, you have read Fifty Shades of Gray or something similar and enjoyed them for what they were. Consider them kindergarten compared to Changing Roles, this book has much more kink and a great story to go with it. Imagine if Fifty Shades and Law and Order had a book baby, this would be it.

Kate was once a submissive to a man who took things way to far. Since then she has mastered being one of the best Dommes there is. This talent also got her kicked off of the Police force where she was also a well respected Detective. Now she has her own Private Detective agency, that all of a sudden is in high demand. The Mayor’s daughter,Elizabeth, goes missing and she is hired to find her. The best place to start looking for her is the club to which Kate belongs, Stripes. Jake is the part owner of Stripes and has his eye on Kate and wants to make her his submissive. As chance would have it, the Mayor wants Jake to work on the case as well. Jake has to break her if they are ever going to work together undercover at Edge, an exclusive club and the last place Elizabeth was seen alive. When Jake gets accused of the crime and with his past coming back to bite him it’s Kate’s turn to try to save him, unfortunately that puts Kate in the crosshairs of someone set out to destroy Jake and his business partner. With the story so intertwined you just never know who to root for.

This is not a typical book for me to read, that being said I was pleasantly surprised at the detail to which this book was written. The scenes were written so that I felt as if I was there, sometimes that made me uncomfortable, sometimes it intrigued me. The love story so rich and well woven that I felt the strain between them and by the end, I just wanted them to be together. I felt invested in Jake and was so engrossed in how he developed into a man that I would love any of my friends to be with. I may not be into the Dom/ Sub lifestyle but I feel like I walked away from this experience a little more educated and certainly intrigued. I hope Ellie Master’s continues to write, because she definitely has me hooked.

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