Chasing Rainbows (The Chasing Series Book 1)Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks
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I did not want to stop reading this book. As we all know finding your way in high school is very difficult and being a teenage girl trying to find herself makes it even harder! That is what Addie faces everyday and more. She has had a tragedy in her life that has changed everything including her family. Her Mom and Dad are absent parents who seem to have forgotten they have a daughter. She never sees them or talks to them. Thank goodness for her two best friends who love her dearly and would do anything for Addie. When the day is over she goes to work and goes home and that is when her misery and loneliness starts to swallow her whole, the quite darkness and despair is more than she can handle. There has to be a way to relieve the pain and soon she finds it but now there is another secret she has to keep hidden from everyone. As she spends time with her best friend Kara and her boyfriend Devon she watches them and wants what they have. Kara is a charismatic girl who loves the color goddess pink and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Devon is a very good looking guy who is older and has his own business. To Addie they have it all. When a new boy comes to school, Addie thinks maybe things will start looking up and she can make a new friend in this boy named Chase. From the first day Chase seems interested in her and she is excited, It comes to light very quickly that he has a twin brother Chance and together they make it their mission to make Addie’s life difficult because they think it is funny, but when Addie Finds out that they are mean and cruel, she decides it is time to run.
Devon has a friend named Jake and Jake has a crush on Addie and wants to date her but is Addie ready and can she keep all her secrets from him? You have to read this book to find all the answers, you won’t be sorry! Linda Oaks is a very good author. You feel what she writes like you are there and not just reading words. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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