Clarity (Clarity, #1)Clarity by Loretta Lost
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Can you imagine what it’s like to lose your mother? Okay now add to that being raped shortly after and to top it all off being blind. That seems to be enough to break someone right? It just knocks you down and completely makes you wanna give up. Well not exactly for Helen,don’t get me wrong she did run away and close herself completely off. Along with that she dropped out of college and moved away to a cabin n the woods. She did what she felt she needed and cut everyone off. Until one fateful day when two strangers knocked on her door and ripped her safety bubble open. Liam and Owen two doctors running some new trials for gene therapy and helping some people like Helen get their eyesight back. They seek Helen out to help her become part of the trials. This causes Helen to reach out to her sister and she finds out that is getting married tomorrow of all days. So Helen enlists Liam and Owen to take her to New York where she needs to go for her wedding. There is where things go and completely unraveled. Delve into this amazing short story, and enjoy the twist and turns of this amazing story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Loretta Lost did a really good job writing this, she was really able to being the characters to life, you will love them and you will hate them. Plus by the end of this book you will be wanting to read the next one immediately.

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