Clouded HellClouded Hell by J.R. Gray
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Dante is the owner of a very successful bar, and a gambler. He has underground fights at his bar that brings in a lot of money. Remi comes in trying to see what Dante is like, because he has a business meeting with him the next day. He stays in the background for a while until he finally makes his move. He is recognized by Dante and both the guys are affected by each other. Dante pictures all the dirty things he can do with Remi, and Remi begs to be his submissive. The only thing is Remi wants no attachment, which Dante is fine with ever since he had his own suffering. His husband is gone, and he wants to feel something, and being dominant to Remi could be exactly the kind of distraction he needs right now. When Dante and Remi begin their dominant submissive relationship, Dante can’t help but be too attracted to Remi. He wants to have sex with him so bad, but he knows he can’t. He needs to stay far away and not become attached. They spend a night together, and both men enjoy what happened. The next day, Dante becomes surprised when he walks into his business meeting and sees Remi sitting at his desk. Sexual tension turns into desire which then eventually lands the both of them in a physical fight. As the two begin their partnership in the business and the dominant submissive relationship, will the two be able to keep a casual relationship? Or will their feelings for each other surface and they’ll be left to figure out what everything means?
This was a great book! J.R. Gray does such an amazing job explaining the relationship between the two. It was interesting to see a relationship such as this one. The details and sexual tension was one that made this book great! It was a book that I couldn’t put down! Highly recommended! You won’t be sorry you got this one!

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