Cocky BastardCocky Bastard by Penelope Ward
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Aubrey was sitting at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of Nebraska. She was on her way to Temecula, California.
She spotted a Harley Davidson parked a few spots over and her mind went running wild with her fantasy of her imaginary biker who would look like Charlie Hunnam.

Once the fantasy was over she got out of the car and went to get some fried chicken bites and a soda. She stopped in a souvenir shop browsing for a few minutes. She was looking at the trinkets and spotted a Barack Obama bobble head which she picked up and shook. She heard a deep raspy voice behind her say “Get it. You know you want it” Aubrey was startled and accidentally dropped the bobble head resulting in it breaking and now she had to pay for it. Some words were exchanged between Aubrey and a stranger with a deep raspy voice which sounded like he had an Australian Accent.

The deep raspy
voice belonged to Chance Bateman. He ended up paying for the broken bobble head and buying a new one for Aubrey.

Once back in the parking lot, she noticed Chance was out there also! He was actually the owner of the beautiful motorcycle she was just fantasizing about. He hopped on his bike but unfortunately, it wouldn’t start.
Aubrey watched as he tried to get his bike to start. He caught her staring at him so he walked over to her. They bickered for a few moments when they realized she had a flat tire. That was where they made an agreement. Chance would change the flat tire for her if she would drive him to California.

Sometimes you never know what will happen with a total stranger on a road trip!

From that point on, he called her Princess and she called him Cocky or Cocky Basta*d.

They seemed to be getting along fine on their little road trip. Aubrey’s phone kept ringing so finally Chance answered it telling Harry aka Harrison (the ex boyfriend who had cheated on Aubrey) that they were on a road trip and she was indisposed! Aubrey was so mad at him for answering her phone and talking to Harrison that she actually stopped the car and was about to toss Chance out to the curb and then she noticed it….Number 13…the color of the crayola crayon she was in love with….Cadet Blue….the color of his eyes!!

They continued driving until they stopped somewhere to get a good night’s sleep. They had adjoining rooms which of course he had to visit hers claiming he needed toothpaste. While brushing his teeth he noticed her little black lacy underwear in her bathroom and her Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. They ended up watching a movie together.

The next day they stopped at a diner where Aubrey ordered a nonfat three-pump vanilla latte, low foam and extra hot.
Chance seemed to remember EVERYTHING Aubrey says and does during this road trip of theirs.

He was feeding her off his plate and the way he was talking to her made it seem like he wanted a whole lot more then just a ride to California from her. As the miles passed they found out more and more about each other and wanted each other more and more.
Chance knew how she liked her coffee, Aubrey knew about his addiction to Pixy Stix.
Shortly after is when their road trip went from just the two of them to three. Aubrey nearly ran over a goat. They thought he had a head injury so they took him with them. They were fighting over names for the goat. After taking the goat to a bet and being checked out, they realize that he’s ok and Aubrey decides she wants to keep him because he has a health condition which causes him to faint when he’s scared and he’s also blind.
That night they decided to camp out since they won’t be able to bring the goat into a hotel room. They buy one tent with a divider.

They continue to find out for information about each other like how Chance was a retired at 24 from playing soccer because of a torn ACL and he still makes money off posters that are sold of him.
They continue to have a great time during throw road trip and even stop in Vegas and have a fake wedding. She finally decided, it was time to make a move and she did! They had an amazing night and everything was perfect until Aubrey wakes up one
morning and Chance is gone without so much as a note.

After about 2 months with no word from Chance, she decides to move on with her life. She sold her BMW that held so many memories along with the bobble head. All was going well and she was happy again, in a new relationship and comfortable.

It’s now two years since she saw Chance and all of a sudden, he’s stalking her now. He just wants to talk to her and explain what happened but she will not give him a chance to talk until she has no choice and he goes to her job being she is a lawyer and he needed some information. Aubrey refuses to be left alone with Chance and always has
Someone In her office when he is there.

Chance will not give up and refuses to let Aubrey push him away without knowing the facts.

Chance goes above and beyond paying for her coffee every day, mowing her lawn, planting flowers…you name it and he does it. She is in a comfortable relationship and may never hear his reasons.

Overall, this book was awesome. It was quick paced and the pages just kept flowing for me. I look forward to reading much more work from these two talented ladies.

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