Cuff Me (New York's Finest, #3)Cuff Me by Lauren Layne
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CUFF ME by LAUREN LAYNE is the third book in the NEW YORK’S FINEST SERIES. Lauren Layne is a USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic comedies. This is the first book I have read by Lauren, but it definitely will not be the last. Her writing is refreshing and spunky.

Vincent Moretti has been a homicide detective for NYPD for six years. He comes from a well-known and respected family of cops and they are considered NYPD royalty among their peers. Vincent is drop dead gorgeous, has an athletic build, powerful and smart; but he is also, quiet, distant and irritable. I fell in love with Vincent immediately. Even though he portrays a tough guy, he is so loving and kind.

Jill Henley is also a homicide detective for NYPD and Vincent’s partner. She is cute, smart-mouthed, high-spirited, spunky, always smiling, and a total match for Vincent. Together they make the perfect detective combination and they will keep you laughing. Jill is best friends with Vincent’s sister, Elena, and his entire family considers her part of the family. Jill had secretly hoped, along with Vincent’s family, that one day their relationship would turn romantic, but Vincent had made it well-known that he didn’t want a relationship – with anyone.

Vincent and Jill seemed to have a splendid relationship, on and off the job. That is until Jill’s mother fell and needed Jill to take care of her. Jill took a three month leave of absence and traveled to Florida to care for her mother while Vincent was left to work with a rookie cop. He missed Jill terribly and was extremely excited for her return.

Of course, he wasn’t ready to hear that she was engaged! How did that happen? One minute he was excited for her return, and the next he was confused by the way he was feeling about the news. Sure, he never gave her any indication that he had feelings for her, but he thought she really understood him. What was he going to do now? Of course he wanted her to be happy, but deep down he always thought that would be with him.

Then she hit him with the news that she was moving to Chicago after the wedding. He couldn’t have that. So he knew without a doubt, at that very minute, that he wasn’t letting Jill walk away from him. Away from what they have. Even if he didn’t know exactly what that was. Yes, their relationship was complicated, but it was also right. She was his other half. The half that made him whole.

Jill and Vince have a romantic chemistry that gives you goose bumps. They belong together. Will they admit their feelings before it is too late? Or will Jill give up hope for the man she has waited for and marry the supposed man of her dreams?

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