Dirty Sexy Inked (Dirty Sexy, #2)Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips
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WOW!! AMAZING story. I really enjoyed this story.
I love reading serials and I had to purchase the first book so that I know what is going on. I don’t like to read the second book without the first. And they were both amazing. I loved Dirty Sexy Inked.
In this story you have the lives of Katrina and Mason. I read how they were with one another in the first book and the second just heightened it all. Katrina and Mason have been friends since they were teens. When Mason stepped up to some bullies that had a hold on Katrina. Since that day they were best friends. Little did Mason know that Katrina fell in love with him that day.
They both have lived some horrible lives in their early years. Mason’s mother was a drug addict and prostitute to buy drugs. When she went to jail, she left her three boys with her boyfriend at the time that would torment them. Katrina’s dad left her and her mother when she was young and her mother married the first man that came along. Katrina didn’t like him from the start, she was developing into a woman and he creeps her out. He tried to come on to her and her mother took his side.
They found themselves always by one another, they worked together and were best friends. Although Katrina was in love with Mason she never let him know and didn’t think she can continue to stand by and watch him with other women. He was a man whore.
At the beginning of the story, Mason, his two brothers (Clay and Levi) along with Katrina, Tara and Samantha, whom are all on their way to Las Vegas to watch Mason’s brother marry Samantha.
While in Vegas things change for the two best friends. When Mason walks into the bar the girls are at he sees Katrina up on the bar dancing. He becomes jealous and halls her out of the bar over his shoulder to their hotel. He brings her to his room to discuss what has been going on with her. Not only the way she is acting tonight but in the last few months. But when they arrive to his room other more than expected occurs. They both agree to act as nothing happen the next day at the wedding.
In the coming weeks they are distant with one another and when another guy appears to catch Katrina’s eye. What does Mason do? Can they still be friends?
Read this incredible story to find out.

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