Easy Virtue (Virtue, #1)Easy Virtue by Mia Asher
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What is love?
I don’t know.
I’ve never had it.

We meet Blaire White, the ugly caterpillar turned beautiful butterfly. She uses her looks to get her the material things in life. She doesn’t care if she ruins people along the way. She believes in revenge and getting what she wants.
That all started while in school. She never experienced the true meaning of a family, like the others in her school did. She was always picked on for being “Chubby Blaire . Ugly and awkward Blaire.” She was never like the other girls, that all changed one day. She became beautiful, every boy wanted her, even the grown men wanted her as well. She picked one, and that was the beginning of her gold digger days.
We move onto the present and Blaire is still working her “magic”, using it to her advantage. She’s living the life she’s always wanted, meeting men, no strings attached. That is until one day she meets a certain someone and things begin to change. She doesn’t want to change her ways, but she can’t help but want what she’s tried to deny herself for so long. As she’s debating this new idea, she’s given an offer by Lawrence. It’s what she’s always wanted.
She now finds herself stuck between getting the love she’s kept from getting or getting the millions she’s always wanted. What will she do? Who will she pick?

I like money. I like power. I like adoration. I like sex.

In a way I felt sorry for Blaire, not having that love can change people. She missed out on so much, I’d hate to be in her shoes, but then again, she could have searched for that happiness she was missing out on. She chose the other, she chose the money, the material things.
On the other hand this book was hot! The story was written very well, and the feelings are on point. Very good read! Highly recommend this for everyone who wants something steamy and fast paced.

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