EerieEerie by C.M. McCoy
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There are few books that I want to read again as soon as I finish it. This is one of them. From the beginning you get sucked into the drama, the love and the fear. A story that makes you laugh one minute and want to punch someone the next. You have an emotional attachment with the characters almost from the first word.

We meet Hailey, a senior in high school who loves to Irish dance with her older sister Holly at their family’s restaurant. She just wants to get through this last year of school so they can go to college together, then Holly goes missing. She needs someone to help her deal with the loss and pain, Fin, the hot bartender volunteers to look after her. She doesn’t mind the attention from him, it’s the girls that want Fin she has to worry about. Hailey also has eyes for Asher, the guy of her dreams, literally. He only comes to her in her dreams, in the Aether. Finally she gets to go to college in Alaska to study Paranormal Sciences, luckily Fin is there to help her get accustomed to the new environment and her non-human roommate, Giselle. Asher built this school for research on how to return with his brothers, the Envoys, back to the Aether to stay. With poltergeists and bookworms that swell when they drink too much tea the biggest adventure is just making it through the day. Beautiful relationships are built and trust is broken and earned again.

This was beautifully written and wonderfully paced. I put this book down, sighed and wished I could read again for the first time. Between Giselle learning how to not be the demon she is supposed to be to Hailey learning about her destiny, and Fin and Asher fighting for the same girl there is a lot of nail biting in anticipation. Beware the in-between and the carnivorous splinters for this is not the typical paranormal story and C.M. McCoy is not your typical writer. For that I am grateful and I am patiently waiting for the next book.

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