Elastic HeartElastic Heart by Mary Catherine Gebhard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Elastic Heart is a story about Nami DeGrace, a college student working as an intern who gets raped by a beloved senator who also happens to be a church leader. Of course no one believes her, so her story is turned around to sound like she was making advances at him. Nami’s life is ruined. She withdraws from volunteering and drops out of college. She loses friends and stays away from family to protect them. She even stays inside her apartment as much as possible. Until one day she ventures out to a local coffee shop and is spotted by Nick Law. Law notices Nami by the fear written on her face. He tries to help her by just being her friend no matter what she says or does to discourage him. Of course Law has his own secrets, will these secrets help Nami or hurt their chances—will they even matter?
Rape is a very serious crime. While no one can put a humorous or fun spin on it, this story includes some laughter. Most of the laughter comes from Law and his desire to win Nami over. There’s even some laughter while Nami struggles to deny her feelings for Law.
Gebhard shows Nami as the victim that she is, but also shows us that victims can become survivors. The feelings Nami experiences fear, disgust, anger, confusion are just a few emotions the reader will experience while reading this story. Luckily Gebhard also includes hope and encouragement in the former of Nick Law.
“I felt sorry for the world. I was sorry they had to know the truth. I knew what the truth did to a person. I’d experienced it firsthand. It was a truth so ugly it could change a person’s very soul. Luckily for me, Law had come along”
The love and growth felt between Nami and Law is heart warming.
“The biggest tragedy of your life will be you not realizing how amazing you truly are. “
This story is not recommended for those with rape sensitivity as there may be triggers. For everyone else, I recommend this 4 star read. Definitely a book that will stay with you.

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