Embrace the HeatEmbrace the Heat by Cassandra Lawson
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This is Simon and Layla’s story.
Simon is a born Vampire who’s angelic looks were an absolute curse to him. Growing up on a Vampire reservation, taught him how cruel humans were and after the revolt that freed him and his family from the horrific abuse they suffered he is unable to accept humans as anything but blood supply. He is also slightly obsessed with Raven, Connars mate. When Raven’s team fights by the side of born Vampires against turned Vampires and Gram, he sees Layla taken hostage by Gram and jumps in front of a bullet to save her. They become great friends but he won’t go any further with a human, ever. Known for his attemps to starts small Vampire revolts against Connor because he doesn’t agree with how Connor runs their settlement, Its a complete shock when Connor leaves him in charge when he has to go to the vampire government city of Fangrala.
Layla is a human child raised by Raven in a human settlement. she is a member of the team that freed Raven and Rand from Grams clutches, she was also taken hostage by Gram in the fight that killed him. Living among Vampires is an adjustment, but Layla does so and she has a fighting spirt that can’t be beat. She’s a brave little lady. When Simon and Layla become friends she knows their can be no more, because Simon is adamant about not being with involved with humans, and at first thats ok but slowly she starts to have feelings for him and is uncomfortable because of them. Simon and his angel face, has no trouble finding partners and she will never be a wood nymph which is what she thinks he wants. When Layla’s sent changes things around her start going haywire and she can’t stop thinking about being with Simon. It starts off with mild flirting until she comes right out and tells him she wants him, and is soundly disappointed. With everything going on Simon needs to figure out why Layla’s  smell is enticing every Vampire around including happly mated ones. Can these two come together and save their settlement?
I am thoroughly enjoying this series can’t wait to read the next one.

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