Falling for Cyn (Four Winds Book 5)Falling for Cyn by Anne Conley
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The four winds series, book 5. The deceiver, Damien has watched all 4 of his brothers become fallen and turn human while falling in love with their soul mates. After being the Devil for so long Damien is tired, he wants beauty, love all the things he once considered a weakness, trust, commitment, provide security to that one special person. But now he just wants it to be over, once upon a time being the devil was fun, the trickery, debauchery, the sins…they were all a fun easy way to pass the time but now he’s simply bored and everything that was once so important is now just a filler done out of habit more than need or want….
Cynthia is a scientist, with a twist, she has a brain tumor. She is in the final stages of completing her lifetime achievement that she has worked so hard for. She has endured long physical hours of tests, conclusions, paperwork and documenting of teat results that she is almost complete. Too bad she doesn’t know when her last day on earth will be, there is no way to know with a brain tumor like hers so she is living like every day could be her last, because for her it very well could be. Will god finally allow the devil some peace and a chance at love and becoming human. Will Cyn and Damien be just a boy and a girl…or will a last attempt surgery go wrong and end Cynthia’s life just when she has finally found love in the most unlikely places, with the devil himself.
Once Cyn goes in for a surgery that could very well be her last moment alive the Damien finds the irony of the situation he is now in, he used to feed off the fear of others and now with Cynthia in surgery and he has no control over the outcome all he can feel is fear, would God give him a chance at happiness only to take it away instantly? If given a second chance at life and love would you take it… Will God give Cyn and Damien a second chance and will they finally experience a lifetime of love and happiness with each other or will Cynthia learn who Damien really is and decide without actually thinking that she cannot be with the Devil. Even though she loves him more than herself and trusts him completely…

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