Falling for Faith (Four Winds, #4)Falling for Faith by Anne Conley
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The four winds series, book 4. Throughout this series i have read about all the arch angels falling in love and becoming human while the deceiver tries to ruin it by intervening in the humans lives while the fallen learn to love and heal. Michael is the arch angel of war, it is his passion and he is prepared to fight Damian (the deceiver) to have what is rightfully his. A chance at peace and love. Until he comes to find out the Faith, the one fated to him by god himself, is none other than a cop turned thief. This is Damians last chance at stealing one of the arch angels fated women, will he succeed when he convinces Faith to make a deal with him? Michael has watched his brothers fall in love and fight against Damian to keep their chance at happiness with their one true fated soul mate. The one person in the world gifted to them to bring out their best qualities and help heal each other emotionally. One night while Faith is working her last job, to finally gain freedom and now be blackmailed any longer she meets Damian, who happens to give her the one thing she needs to freedom. But everything comes with a price, and Damian’s price is for her to be ready when he comes for her. As Faith is attempting to sneak back out she falls, right into Michaels arms, he ties her up and takes her back to her apt where they get into a few heated positions. A few days after the last job she still has the item she acquired only to be told to ditch the item and never contact him again, they were done. She is confused until she discovers that the house she broke into, was now a murder scene. And shes the main suspect. Can Michael help Faith prove her innocence or will the deceiver win his final battle? Michael and Faith have some serious sexual energy and frustration coming off of one another and they are perfect for each other in every way. They will challenge each other while making each other better also.

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