Falling for Grace (Four Winds, #2)Falling for Grace by Anne Conley
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This is book 2 in the four winds series. Have you ever had that one moment in your life that impacts you more than any other? It gives you nightmares when something triggers that memory and no matter how much time passes you will never forget it. Welcome to Graces life. Grace is a lifeguard, she loves helping people and saving them when it is needed. Until that one moment that she couldn’t save someone, her first loss while on the job. And it completely tears her apart no matter how many she saves afterwards, it always comes back to the little boy that she couldn’t save. It gives her nightmares after every rescue, whether successful or not, but she always feels like there is someone there with her during her saves not physically but mentally, emotionally. Grace lives with her 2 best friends in a small 4-bedroom cottage and they need a roommate or they are all going to have to split missing money. Then there is Brad the boring safe boyfriend who is a nice guy but she knows she will never love him, what starts as a simple “hook up” turns into dating however they agreed to not get serious, to bad Brad doesn’t see it that way and he wants serious after how long they’ve been dating. Until that moment when the girls get a new roommate, only it’s not their normal girls only candidate, it’s Rafe.
Rafe (Raphael) he loves encouraging and healing people when they need it, if a dr has shaky hand he helps steady them, someone is on drugs he uses his charms to help that person detox. Then there is that one case of the woman he hears crying and screaming in anguish over a little boy she couldn’t save ever since then he has helped encourage her and give her small mental pushes to let her know she isn’t alone. Then HE decides that Grace is the one for Rafe. She is his light and dark, they complement each other in ways only your soul mate can, but will the deceiver come between them and ruin their chance at happiness? After a series of natural events bring Grace and Rafe together will they move past just friends or will Grace continue with her mediocre relationship with Brad that she knows will go nowhere but is the safe way to not get hurt or sucked into a relationship with a beautiful man who will want to possess her everything…or so she thinks… Will Grace come to terms with everything happening in her life and choose to love Rafe and admit it to him.

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