Falling for Heaven (Four Winds, #1)Falling for Heaven by Anne Conley
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This is book 1 in the four winds series it starts with Heather (Heaven) who works at a strip club to support herself, her mother in a home with Alzheimer’s, and her drug addicted sister. It was only supposed to temporary, a quick fix to make cash to pay her sisters rent and get her into rehab…if only it had worked out that way. After a few years she has now fallen into a routine and she needs to keep making the money to pay not only her own bills but her sister and mothers bills as well. One night while working not just one but two mysterious men come into the club, but the odd part..neither of them wanted and private dances or any interaction with any of the dances except Heaven…
After that first night Heather gets to meet Uri (Uriel) and Damian. Damian offers her a job, as his personal assistant, as hes getting a private dance and touching her without breaking the rules. Uri randomly pops up to have casual conversations with her about dancing and what she wants to do with her life besides be a stripper. After the first few encounters Heather realizes that there is something different about these two strange men who have taken a sudden interest in her. She receives flowers at her home, runs into them at her normal spots, and one of them shows up at her sisters apt when she isn’t there. After a relaxing bath and her first actual day off to just herself Heather gets a knock on her door, some words and actions are exchanged, then she realizes it’s not who she thinks it is. She also realizes Uri was telling her the truth about who and what he is. One night after leaving work she is attacked by Damian and is given a choice and she’s more scared then ever. When given the chance will Heather chose Damian or Uri, good or evil, her destiny or her doom…. If given the choice by the devil himself, to possibly save everyone you love, make them better even would you; or would you save yourself. This story is about self sacrifice, choices, desires, temptation and the possibility of love depending on those choices..

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