Falling for Hope (Four Winds, #3)Falling for Hope by Anne Conley
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The four winds series, book 3. Hope is content with her seemingly simple life. While she misses her sister Melissa who passed away, she still tries to maintain her relationship with her parents even though they push her to get in a serious committed relationship and produce grandchildren. She works at the local library and does reading and craft time with the younger kids once a week. She has 5 cats all named after Greek gods. While working at the library one day she meets the sexiest man she has ever seen. After beginning to wonder why he had been sitting in the quiet children’s section so long she notices a note falling out a book…a note asking her out to dinner. But surely this note couldn’t be for her, she’s curvy, hair and makeup are always blah and basic and she was covered in the cat hair from them laying on her semi dirty clothes pile.
Gabe (Gabriel) spends a lot of spare time at the hospital helping those in need of relaxation and peaceful dreams. After hanging around the library for a couple days he talks Hope into a date, they hit it off and end up spending a lot of time together. After one night of getting to know each other very well they have an argument about their feelings and Gabe leaves while Hope is in the shower. That evening while sitting outside a butterfly lands on Hopes are and starts speaking to her, voicing her fears about her body type and doubts as to why Gabe would want her when he could have other girls who were skinnier and prettier then she is. This butterfly appears more times playing on her insecurities and creating distance between Hope and Gabe. After some very serious attacks against Hope from the butterfly, who is also Damian (the deceiver).
Will Damian get his wish and use Hopes insecurities to his advantage to destroy her relationship with Gabe or will love prevail over evil. Who will win the battle of wills Hope with her insecurities and self-doubt or Gabe with his negative way of wording stuff so that he doesn’t offend or hurt Hopes feelings more. Can Gabe help her move on and begin to heal from the loss of her sister Melissa or will she always mourn her in a negative way where she can only have bad memories vs all the good times they had together.

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