Finding Forever (The Chasing Series Book 2)Finding Forever by Linda Oaks
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Best friends and boyfriends are the most exciting things in high school. You think things will always stay the same as in life goes on. But being an adult is the hardest thing you will ever have to accomplish. She is now going back to the one place she swore she would never return to.  Kara is on her way back home to her best friend’s wedding. They have planned their weddings since they were young girls.  She is excited but Kara carries a heavy emotional load with her.  Knowing she will see the one person that she loves more than life itself and who made her run for her sanity has her nerves on edge. She always thought it would be her getting married because she loved him so much. At the time she knew Devon loved her too. When he is the victim of a horrible tragedy he refuses to see Kara, no explanation. With a heavy heart she had to get away from his memory and try to start anew. The problem is that was an impossible task, day and night he was all she thought about, so going back home is becoming a difficult task but for Addie, her best friend, she would do anything.  When she see’s Devon Kara is determined to find out the answers she deserves. When Pandora’s Box is open lies come spilling out and new discoveries come to light. Lies in the name of love are still lies. Kara stumbles upon one of the biggest life changing events that she was never told about and this devastates her. All these people that she has known all her life keep saying it was to protect her or it was for her own good that things were kept from her. With all this new information Kara is determined to set things right and fight for what she wants and needs, but to do so she has to see someone who is a total stranger to her but has had a big influence on her life. Here’s to Goddess Pink lipstick read this book to find why.
Linda Oaks has nailed it with this book. What an emotional roller coaster ride. I love these characters and this read is amazing. Thanks Linda Oaks for this enjoyable book.

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