Fire & Ice (The Locklaine Boys #1; a Love Hate Relationship spinoff)Fire & Ice by Jessica Prince
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Fire & Ice by Jessica Prince was such a wonderful read. This was my first book I’ve read by this author but I will be reading more!! Fire & Ice has a double meaning in this book, as you’ll find out, one is its the name of our main female character’s, Pepper O’Malley, store. Pepper is a fiery redhead who takes no crap especially from the man she loves to hate, Griffin Locklaine. In this whirlwind of a story that takes you back to Pepper as a young teenager who is in the middle of awkwardness and the first time her brother brings Griffin home from college with him, all the way to Pepper in her early 20’s as a young beautiful woman. Griffin and Pepper now get along as well as Fire & Ice or oil and water you take your pick. When did Pepper start hating the man she thought she loved for a decade? Well a woman scorned and all you’ll find out quickly! But what happens when Griffin, the man who swears off commitment, decides Pepper is his one and only and she fights tooth and nail? This was such a great read with all the feels you’d expect!

Pepper O’Malley has been “in love” with Griffin Locklaine since she was a scrawny teenager but of course she didn’t exist to him. As she gets older and makes a living on her own in her own clothing store, Griffin starts to notice her and decides Pepper isn’t getting away until they explore what this is. Pepper is a very opinionated, outspoken yet sweet young woman with a passion and love of those she cares about. Her brother is a cop and also Griffin’s partner and best friend.

Griffin Locklaine is the man who has the reputation of taking a woman to bed once and never again. But when his “little friend” won’t work for anyone except his best friend and partners little sister, he realizes he has a problem and only one way to fix it. He has a lot to make up for after breaking Pepper’s heart 4 years ago and being a coward. Commitment was always a 4 letter word to Griffin but now he sees his future just a little different.

This was such a wonderful read and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series as all the characters in this book were wonderful and you couldn’t help but want to learn more about them all.

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