Forgetting August (Lost & Found, #1)Forgetting August by J.L. Berg
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Forgetting August By J. L. Berg

August Kincaid wakes up after being in a coma for a little over two years. He remembers nothing of his life before. He finds a picture of himself and a pretty redhead. Her name and his are on the back—August and Everly 2005.
Everly Adams gets a phone call from the hospital telling her that her worse nightmare has come true. August is awake. August was her ex who was domineering and manipulative. He locked her up in their mansion in San Francisco. He cared for his money in the end, more than her.
The “new” August is nothing like that. He even takes his coffee different. But Everly doesn’t know if she can trust him. She has moved on with her life with Ryan. They are in the process of planning their wedding.
This book has plenty of twists and turns. You sympathize with both August and Everly. He truly is lost in a life he doesn’t remember. She remembers too much. Both characters are extremely well done by Jennifer Berg. She is superb at character development. Even her secondary characters are interesting. Brick, August’s therapist/new friend, refuses to charge August once he starts to meddle in his life by talking to Everly. Trent, the shady long-time friend of August, comes in at the end with a bombshell. The backdrop of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful.
Will August get his memory back? Will Everly and he get another chance at love? You have got to read this book! It truly is a five star read! I cannot wait for the second book. March cannot come fast enough for this reader!

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