Forgiving Nancy (Last Hangman MC, #5)Forgiving Nancy by Muriel Garcia
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In Forgiving Nancy (Last Hangman MC Series Book 5) by Muriel Garcia we learn about Bennett’s past before he was a part of the Last Hangman MC, Bennett’s always had the MC in his life his parents were a part of the Last Hangman, but for some reason they leave the Last Hangman and transfer to a different charter. What’s worse is a few years later they move again, but not only that they retire from the MC life altogether! When they move they move into a rich neighborhood in Pinehurst, Texas where he meets Nancy Larkins. Having had the good fortune to choose the bedroom across from Nancy’s window with only 3 feet separating the two houses Bennett and Nancy enter into a forbidden relationship Nancy being only 17 can’t leave the house legally until she’s 18 which is in a few months so in the mean time they keep their relationship secret, but days away from Nancy’s graduation her mother insists she come with them to a posh dinner party where after going outside for fresh air Nancy is kidnapped by unknown men. After that no one knows what happened to her Bennett tries to find her but the cops say it’s probably just a case of a runaway teen, Bennett doesn’t believe that Nancy would just leave him though. Soon enough Nancy’s parents blame Bennett, having found out about their relationship before Nancy went missing, the Larkins make good on the threat they tried to use to make Nancy leave Bennett and they have him locked up. Eventually people stop searching for her, and now four years later there is evidence she’s still alive the Larkins have gotten pictures of Nancy in the mail some recent and some that date back four years ago. Nancy’s parents call Bennett who of course is at first shocked and angry that they would dare call him, after hearing them out Bennett agrees to search for Nancy and so he calls for a meeting in the Chapel to requests his brothers’ help in locating Nancy. What they find is shocking, especially when everyone finds out that Nancy and Callum of all people have history together! Nancy is keeping a lot of secrets hidden will Bennett be able to forgive her so easily when he finds out. Why do Callum and Nancy know each-other and on such a friendly basis at that? My curiosity is now going crazy I can’t wait to find out Callum’s past! Hopefully he gets his own book.

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