Fractured Affections (Affections, #1)Fractured Affections by Elizabeth Wills
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This book deals with severe depression, self-harming, and abandonment issues if any of these thing will set off a trigger please do not read this book, it is not for you. This book also contains a major cliffhanger.
This is the first book I read written by Ms. Wills and I really enjoyed the story.
Reagan has the perfect life as an adult. With her three kids and loving husband, Dalton, she has a peaceful life. But she has not had it easy in the past with abandonment issues and suffering from depression.
Dalton, Reagan and Striker were really close growing up. Her first love, Striker, up and left her to join the military and didn’t even say good bye. She had to glue the pieces of her broken heart back together while battling a broken heart and depression; she managed to pick up the pieces with Dalton’s help. With Her husband’s love and unwavering strength, but with Striker returns, everything she knows will be turned upside down.
Secrets will be unveiled and the truth will come to the surface. Remember secrets always comes out when you least expect them too.
Dalton seems too good to be true he was so selfless and kind and we can’t forget understanding. I loved him and hated him. Striker was mysterious in his own way but he grew on me.
The one I really didn’t like was Reagan I just wanted to punch her lights out and scream at her. She seemed selfish at times and only thought about her feelings but what about everybody around her and their feelings. I also did not agree with some of her choices and reactions to certain situations.
This book has an Interesting plot with good writing and a few twist and turns. I am curious for the next book though and am getting ready to read it tonight.

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