Frequency (Frenzy, #3)Frequency by Casey L. Bond
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Frequency by Casey L. Bond is the third book in the Frenzy series. As this is the only book I have read in this series, this review is based solely on this book. I’m pretty sure reading the first two books would help me to understand what is happening in Frequency, but it did not distract from the story. In fact, I want to go back and grab the first two books just so I can see how these characters ended up where they are in Frequency.
This is a story of vampires and zombies, or the Infected and Night-Walkers. Each bringing nightmares to reality, the leaders of the two are in desperate search for a cure. In Frequency it is important to know the following:
Saul is now Infected
Roman is the Night-Walker
Pierce is the Infected
Porschia is a hybrid of the two
Tage (Tage! *Swoon*) is a night walker
All of these characters create an outstanding cast against a war-torn world. Each person has an inner battle that they must overcome. Each moment is defining. But there is a fourth kind of moment: the kind that seems as though it’s happening at a snail’s pace, but in reality is a building wave, ready to crash over you and speed you into a new phase of your life. I was trapped in the fourth kind of moment. Slow but fast. Agonizing but all-consuming.
These are the moments that define this book. The fourth kind of moments. Porschia and Saul are ripped apart during one of these moments. While Saul is gone, Tage is there to help Porschia through the changes that are happening in her life (and from what I can gather, he has always been there for her). When this book comes to a head and things begin to unravel, yet weave together, the options placed before them are life-changing.
I fed.
I poisoned.
I healed.
I cried.
A lot.
Tage stood beside me.

One by one, I fed from them.
One by one, they thrashed and screamed.
One by one, they cried.
One by one they thanked me.
One by one they broke me.
One by one they put me back together.
Tage stood beside me.

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