Ginger's HeartGinger’s Heart by Katy Regnery
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Ginger’s Heart by Katy Regnery

5/5 Stars (honestly I’d give more, but that isn’t an option)

Ginger’s Heart by Katy Regnery follows the story of Ginger McHuid, Josiah Woodman, and Cain Wolfram. This is Red Riding Hood reimagined. And it is so much better than that original story. This is my first Katy Regnery experience and I had heard great things, but nothing preared me for the torment my heart would feel while reading this book.

Ginger McHuid is the princess of Apple Valley. Due to heart trouble as a child, her parents were very protective of her. Despite their overprotective nature, they-namely Ginger’s mother-encouraged Ginger to spend time with Josiah Woodman. If ever there was a golden boy in a town, Josiah Goodman was that boy. And the Woodmans and the McHuids made it known that these two would get married one day.

What they didn’t realize was that Josiah’s cousin, Cain, was the other half of Ginger’s heart. She loved each of these boys and nothing could convince her otherwise. Her mother forbid Cain to attend parties and they did not like them spending time together. Like all stories, there is a bad guy. And in Ginger’s Heart the McHuids would have you believe it is Cain Wolfram.

Two boys, one girl. It’s the love triangle that will leave you in tears.

Josiah and Cain may love the same girl, but they see her through very different eyes.

What Woodman wanted—more than anything else in the entire world—was to make Ginger McHuid happy. And he always wants to make her happy. For the rest of their lives.

“You can have this heart to break,” he said softly, devoutly, surrendering everything to her—his dignity, his control, his very soul—“If there’s even the smallest chance you might want it someday. Because here is what I know: even if you can’t ever give me yours, mine already belongs to you.”

For all of Woodman’s devotion, Cain loved her very differently. And he saw her differently, too.

“If you’re lookin’ for someone to blow sunshine up your ass, I ain’t a contender for the job. Ain’t never seen you as a china doll, princess. Sorry.”

Will you miss her? whispered his heart. That was like asking if he’d miss something he could never have. A better question would be, Will you long for her? And the answer, of course, was a sad and simple Forever.

The love is fierce. The love is raw and real. But what about Ginger? Where does Ginger’s heart stand? Well, she loves them both. With separate but equal parts of her heart. She can’t choose. Can she?

On the most visceral possible level, Cain affected her—always had, and maybe, she thought ruefully, he always would.

That was his Ginger—marching headlong into a fight when she was angry or indignant, but running away when she felt bruised or uncertain.

This book broke me. I thought I had experienced my #UglyCry for the year, but I was so wrong. This book—this book—gutted me. Katy ripped my heart out and stomped on it. She tore it to shreds. She laughed on it while it was certain it could never be put together again. But then, slowly, surely, deliberately, she pieced it together. She picked up each piece and started arranging the pieces because they just had to be whole in the end. Had. To. Be.

He owned the love he felt for her in the same way he owned his heart or his lungs or the blood in his veins or the thoughts in his head. Loving Ginger was as effortless as breathing and no less fundamental. Had been since he was a kid, would be until he died.

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