Grayson (This is Our Life Series #1)Grayson by F.G. Adams
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This is a new author to me and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. I was able to read the book in a day. I loved the storyline and found it very interesting.

Grayson Blackwood is the only boy in the family aside from his dear old daddy. His older sisters left home as soon as they could.

The Blackwood family is very wealthy and own / live on a ranch in Lakeview, Florida.
Mr. Blackwood wants Grayson to run the ranch when he retires and has been trying to acclimate him to the whole process. However, Grayson wants to be as far away from his father as possible.

Grayson had been abused and beaten on a daily basis growing up leaving him with bruises along his back and torso. As soon as graduates, he has plans to be a part of the military.

He sets his sights on Ella Anderson. Her family moved to the area 2 years prior but they are in a really poor, unnerving part of town, close to the railroad tracks.

Once Grayson really notices Ella, he will not stop until he makes her his!!
He seems to always be around whenever Ella is, he likes to come up behind her and whisper in her ear and likes to call her Bluebird. Ella tries to keep her distance because she knows Grayson is a player and doesn’t want to be another notch on his belt. Ella is very attracted to Grayson and he knows it.
One night at a bonfire, he makes his move and kisses Ella. They do not see each other much for the rest of the summer and Ella tells him, that kiss cannot happen again. They can only be friends. Once school starts up again, Grayson tells Ella they will be friends and see where it takes them.

Ella is focused on her mother because she is very ill and she doesn’t really have time for anything else besides school and work. She agrees to be friends with Grayson but that soon turns to more.

Soon after Grayson and Ella become a real couple, Grayson is leaving for West Point. He tells Ella he will be back for her and to wait for him.

Two months after he leaves, he receives a Dear John letter saying she couldn’t wait for him and he should move on too. That nearly broke his heart. When on leave he went looking for Ella but was never able to find her.

Seven years later Grayson and his team were in the Middle East on a mission when things go horribly wrong and people need to be brought into the nearest Army Base Medical Center.
Once everything settles down a nurse walks into Grayson’s room to check on him and it’s none other than his Bluebird. She runs out of the room without looking back.
Grayson finds out Ella works at that medical center and so does her fiancé . Grayson needs to speak with Ella and find out what happened all those years ago and why she chose not to wait for him.

Ella and her best friend Savannah are kidnapped in broad daylight while out on a run, so Grayson and his team must find the girls before it is too late.

Will Grayson and Ella find their way back to each other? There’s a lot stacked up against them. First Ella is engaged and second, Ella is kidnapped!

“It was never your choice, or my choice, or even Grayson’s choice. Destiny has a funny way of tracking you down and making you surrender. It’s true love, a gift from God for us to be together. Even you couldn’t change that.”

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