Limerence: Omnibus Edition (The Cure, #3)Limerence: Omnibus Edition by Charlotte McConaghy
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Can you imagine a world where emotions are stripped from you? They call it a cure to make a better humanity. After the world is racked by plagues, which manages to kill hundreds of thousands, we live in a world just like that. Emotions such anger, sadness and now love are stripped from us to make us basically lifeless drones. The country lives behind walls and are policed by the bloods super human soldiers incapable of feelings. The government is overseen by one sick and twisted man, who has everyone scared to even act out against him as he bends the world to his will and follow his dream. Not all hope is lost because deep in the sewers, past all the furies the creatures that have been created from the failures of the first attempts to cure the human race. The furies are a blood thirsty creature whom are misunderstood, but live by a thirst for human flesh that make them mindless all in their own. Past these creatures is a group called the resistance, they are a group of about 100 or more, they are lead by Luke, a former blood who has fallen madly in love with the second leader of the resistance Josie, also known as Dual for her dual colored eyes. Follow this power couple as they deal with the loss of each other as Luke is captured by bloods for 3 months plus and Josie is swept away by the furies after she saves a family of seven from the clutches of the furies after they attempt to escape the wall. Josie makes a bond with the furies and comes to realize that they aren’t truly mindless creatures but intelligent and caring. She eventually makes her way back to the resistance only to find out Luke has gone missing. She sets out to save Luke but is in for more than she is ready to bite off after finding out that his long lost brother is not dead but actually alive. He’s being held captive. This will lead to more drama and a thorn than any of them are aware blinded by love. They are all mostly unaware of the mole in the group. But all still stands, they need to save the world and over throw the current government all while battling to fight for a love that seems impossible to hold onto. Will they be able win and make the world truly a better place? Does true love conquer all even when it seems worlds away? Give this book a chance and find out. It is amazingly written making it a must read. I hope you enjoy and be sure to show the author some love afterwards.

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