Mended Affections (Affections, #2)Mended Affections by Elizabeth Wills
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If you suffer from depression and you have certain triggers that could set you off then this book is not for you.

This is the second book to Elizabeth’s debut novel Fractured Affections. We pick up eight months later with the death of Reagan’s husband, Dalton. We watch how Striker, Reagan, and the boys struggle with the loss of Dalton in their own ways.
While Reagan is dealing with her severe depression over the loss of Dalton she was also struggling about her feelings for Striker. We watch as Striker picks up the slack at home with the boys. In the first book I really didn’t like Reagan I thought she was selfish and was blind to the others people’s feelings. But I have got to say she grew in this second book, she became stronger. I felt that Dalton held her back and even though he loved her and helped her live, she really wasn’t living.
I have to claim it now, and stand on my own two feet. The need to give my children the life they deserve bears down on me, along with the need to stay true to my commitments of the past.
This is what I respected about Reagan, yes she grieved for her best friend/husband but she realized she had to move forward for her children’s sakes.
I loved how Elizabeth brought us this unique story line that you really don’t read much about in romance novels. Her writing is amazing and the dynamics between all the characters had me invested in all of them and their happiness. I cried, laughed and wanted to choke Reagan, Dalton, and Striker.
I highly recommend this series and can’t wait to see what Elizabeth has in-store for us next…

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