Mercy (Sin City Outlaws, #2)Mercy by M.N. Forgy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Mercy, the second book in the Sin City Outlaws series, is a five star read that is simply well written, edgy, and HOT! M. N. Forgy brings another MC to readers that will leave you begging for more. The bad boy in leather and the feisty cop make will have you turning the pages, reading fast just to find out what happen. Grab a cup of wine, a blanket and escape into the world of Las Vegas and the Sin City Outlaws.

The book starts off right where the first ended. Zeek and Jillian are on the run from Zeek’s uncle who wants to kill Jillian. Zeek broke the code of the MC for falling for a cop, but his love for Jillian and the need to protect her is the only thing he cares for. This leads Zeek to reach out to someone he never thought he would need, his Brother Lip, member of the Devils Dust. Jillian is hurt, angry, and very torn. She learns many things about her father which is hard for her to get past. Through running, the raw passion, the fierce love Zeek and Jillian have, clearly is felt. The overwhelming need for each other shows as they are both always protecting one another. When faced with having to save Jillian, Zeek goes in guns blaring, he knows his life begins and ends with Jillian. Secrets are exposed, love blossoms, violence of outlaws takes over, giving us a drama packed MC book that will leave you wanting to find your own Zeek.

Forgy, is one of my most favorite MC authors. She writes raw, passion filled, edgy series’s that help feed any MC books fan addiction to our bad boys in leather. They are outlaws, that’s not a Question, but these bad boys love just how they ride, wreckless, hard, and fast. No book of hers has ever disappointed me, each has left me wanting more and more. Those fans of Devils Dust will love this, as our other bad boys make an appearance! Well written and such an amazing read! I do have to ask, is our favorite President, Bull going to find love!?!?!?!?

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