Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6)Punishing Me by Cat Mason
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Ireland is the new member to the band. She’s feisty, sarcastic, and doesn’t like to play by the rules. She also has an unforgettable past with a member of the security team, Mack. Mack is relatively new to the band, but has a lasting impact. He does so well with everyone, especially the band kids. He’s a great protector and a huge asset to the band. Shaft is on tour and Mack is home with Rae and the kids. There’s a part of him that wishes he could be with the band on the road, but the stable family life is something he enjoys. He also gets to enjoy spending time with Jazzie. When the band stops home for a while for a break in the tour, everyone is excited, all except for Ireland. She doesn’t want to be around Mack because it just hurts for her to remember everything they had and then lost. It has been eight years, but both Mack and Ireland can feel the tension, but also the sexual desire. As Ireland starts to hang out with the band more, she begins to know the wives and the kids better. She’s really starting to find her place in the band and a place to call home. It’s everything she never had growing up. Mack is struggling with trying to watch the band, but also not to put his hands on Ireland. But some alone time together may be all they need for them to find what they lost all those years ago. Also, Mack is now going to be on the road instead of Henry since his daughter was just born. Will Mack and Ireland finally be able to share a life and love together? Or is eight years too long for them to work out?
Loved this book! Sadly, the Shaft on Tour series comes to an end. I am truly so sad to see these band members and family go. The Shaft family is one that you will never forget. I would truly and honestly recommend this series to anyone! It is by far one of my most favorite series ever! You must begin with the first book in the series, Escaping Me.

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