Raven's BloodRaven’s Blood by Cassandra Lawson
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This novel has put an awsome spin on the vampires and post apocalyptic combination! At least in this novel the vampires are not out to get everybody like most Dystopian Vampire novels.
This novel starts out with one twisted explanation about the moon virus and how it spread, why it was created to begin with and what it’s initial purpose was.
Although this is a romance novel it does not dominate the entire story, because to me a romance novel without a good story is like a B movie/ book. The elements of fantasy in this story are very well written.
Raven is a part human hybrid that was around for the beginning of the virus. She, like everyone else hates and blames vampires for the destruction of society.
Her mother was also murdered by vampires and she was there to witness her mother’s death. It changed her life in so many ways. She had to live with her father on a military base, and that is how she came to be a leader at a human settlement. She cares so much for the people that are on her team, that she offers herself to Connor the leader of a vampire settlement, in an attempt to secure their freedom.
Connor is a born vampire in charge of a settlement of vampires that escaped to freedom from their enslavement after the government deemed them “Not Human”. They were ” A scuffy bunch of adolescent blood w*&”es ready to take on the masses.” Born into enslavement, his first experience with humans was how absolutely cruel they could be. His mother who took in ophaned vampire children was completely misused and at the age of 14 so was he.
As a leader he has learned that not all humans are bad but not all of his vampires agree with him and when Raven offers herself as a willing captive inplace of the humans she is traveling with, he feels he has no choice but to except, or risk the respect of his people.

This makes for an exciting  beginning to a complex story and a hopefully exceptional series! Read it yourself, you won’t regret it.

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