Releasing Kate (Acceptance, #2)Releasing Kate by D. Kelly
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D. Kelly’s second book in her Acceptance series will have you taking this book with you everywhere you go! She has outdone herself with suspense: what is going to happen next, what more can her characters go through, and how is this book and series going to end. Once you begin this series, let alone her second book, “Releasing Kate,” you will have to keep going. Kelly’s characters seep into your soul and become a part of you. I cried, I laughed, and my heart broke.
Kate Moore has a decision to make: Mike or Daniel? Mike is her gorgeous high school sweetheart who broke her heart and left her devastated years ago. Daniel and his holy hotness is her saving grace and can light her libido on fire with a mere look or word. She has known Mike nearly all her life but she has had no contact with him since he disappeared from her life a few years ago. Daniel came into her life when she was least expecting him and, she has fallen flat out head-over-heels in love with him in a matter of three weeks. Now that Mike has come back into her life unexpectedly, she must decide whom she wants to be with. To make matters more difficult, Mike and Daniel have been friends since Kate and Mike have been apart. They also have a very challenging personal problem Kate is having them deal with before either one of them can be with her. They are as close as brothers and are each other’s family. How can she decide between them when she is in love with them both?
Kate, Mike, and Daniel share the same group of friends and we fall in love with every one of them. They all join together to try to make this love triangle more amicable. However, feelings get hurt, assumptions are made, and lines are drawn. Enter in Marc, Kate’s hot, muscled-out, long-time friend that Mike has always been leery of, and events get real complicated! Throughout Kate and Marc’s history, they have been friends, even best friends…Kate becomes very confused in the midst of the chaotic life she is currently living. “Releasing Kate is page-turner like none other because of the relationship readers develop with these characters and their story. D. Kelly never disappoints!

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