Reunited with the Rebel Billionaire (Bayou Billionaires)Reunited with the Rebel Billionaire by Catherine Mann
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Fiona and Henri navigate the challenges of being married quickly and under the spot light in this Happily Ever After story by Catherine Mann. Reunited With the Rebel Billionaire is part of the Bayou Billionaires Series by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock. They are not required to be read first.
Fiona is a strong woman who always puts others needs and feelings before her own. Whether she is working on her charity functions and coming to the rescue when they are left without a planner or in her personal life. Fiona is quitting her life as she knows it. Fiona has a secret that she is keeping to help protect everyone that she cares for. She works hard to distance herself to keep her secret and protect the ones she loves. She is denying herself the thing she needs the most- someone who can love her, for her, flaws and all.

Henri is a famous football player who is dedicated to breaking the cycle that his father began. He has a team of friends and family depending on him on the field. Little does he know that the most important person to him is keeping a secret, a secret that sends him to the brink of repeating that cycle. Henri turns to his brothers and their significant others to help break through to Fiona. In an ironic twist, Henri’s Grandfather who is slowly succumbing to alzhymeirs is the one who can see the real truth. When a guest at one of Fiona’s fundraising charities sends her a picture it is the catalyst she needs to make a decision, a decision that is the biggest win of all.

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