RevivedRevived by Kasidy Blake
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Revived by Kassidy Blake starts the story with Liam Beckett while in residency. He has a crush on Marley Banks who he thinks will never see him in that way. After spending more time together studying, Liam makes the decision to tell Marley how he feels.

Fast forwarding four years later, it seems the confession didn’t go so well as the two are no longer friends and have a love-hate relationship without much of an explanation as to what caused it. Liam is now a surgeon and Marley is now a doctor in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She is especially fond of Madeline who is in an incubator.

Marley discovers that the nurses she works with think she is stuck up since she spends most of her time at the hospital. She decides to change her attitude and be more social and goes out to have drinks with a few of the workers, and changes her style of clothes. She even decides to start online dating. She meets a few new people but decides to be friends. She meets Lincoln, and a friendship begins forming the night they meet.

Marley’s best friend, Ella, deletes the dating app from Marley’s phone after realizing that Marley still has feelings for her brother, Liam and tries to get the two together.

When an unexpectedly encounter with the last person she ever wanted to see is at the hospital, Marley is unable to function and seeks comfort with Liam. They end up sleeping together and causing more complications in their already complicated relationship.

I can’t describe all the twists and turns of this book. I picked this book without knowing anything about it and I am glad I did. I can relate to Marley because she feels she will never find someone. I also loved the message of this book. It all starts with a misunderstanding and most relationships work themselves out with talking and communicating.

I will definitely be reading more by this author!

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