Saving My Heart (Live & Love #2.5)Saving My Heart by Jenn Leigh
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This book has your HEA. This book turned out to be good but I had problems getting into the book. I think it was in the way the book was written. The story was good but slow at first. The author told a very sad story that happens every day to people we do not know. The way she told the story and the things that happen were good. I just had problems getting into the characters.
Cassie Bradley tells her story of hell and back from her former foster family. She tells what she went through once she ran away for the horrors that haunted her every day. During this time of being determined to try and find her family by chance she runs into her real father. She takes the time and a lot of therapy to get her family that was taken from her back.
Noah Grainer was the athlete college student with all of the friends. During his sophomore year he meets Cassie. He has an instant attraction and friendship with her. He is determined to do whatever it takes to show her what she deserves to have in her life. He stands beside her through everything, never letting her forget that he is there for her.
After he hears the whole story of what she went through during her life he has a new respect for her. Then her past comes back to come between them. Noah will not let anything come between them. He knows that he has to hold onto her no matter what. They are not sure if they will ever be able to get the past to go away. With help from everything they will bring the past to the present and finally put it to rest.

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