Seducing DeathSeducing Death by Cassandra Lawson
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This is Ian and Kyleigh’s story. Ian is a born vampire and one of the leaders of the settlement. Having lost his wife and child to murder by humans, Ian promoted rebellion in the settlements  and even tried to keep humans as blood slaves. A lot of his friends saw him as grieving and just let him be, at least until Raven walked into Connor’s life, and changed quite a few vampires thinking about humans, and other worldly creatures. While out on a mission to check on a human settlement Simon and Ian are ambushed and Ian believing that he was dying sent a final message to Connor telling him about Simon’s abduction and that he was on the verge of death. When a woman who he mistakes for his dead wife suddenly appears and he passes out only to wake up and find himself in a cottage and badly injured, with a woman he doesn’t know, that saved him.
“So your like the grim reaper?”
“Some might call me that.”
Kyleigh made a promise years ago and she intends to keep it if she can figure out how, and she does even though she breaks all the rules to do it. She knows she has a punishment coming because she snatched a soul from the shadows coming to collect it for the Shadow Lord Arawn. Kyleigh knows she has no excuse to do what she did for Ian and did it anyway. She believes that he was on the verge of redeeming himself and could not let him pass on, without the opportunity to do so.
But her decision to help him changes both of their lives in ways neither of them expect. In an effort to save Ian and herself she claims him as mate, when given the hint to do so she does it without thinking about the consequences to Ian or herself.
Ian finds himself to be very mellow in Kyleigh’s home and he also finds that he is attracted to her, and not so burdened with guilt about not being faithful to Kate’s memory. Before Kyleigh even has the chance to explain to Ian what has happened Arawn shows up demanding to witness the mating. So, in a fit of protectiveness towards Kyleigh, Ian’s blood bonds himself to her without a second thought.
This is just the beginning of the turmoil fueled relationship. Unsure if he will ever love her and also not sure how she will get him back to Mitchell.  (His adopted son.) This story is gripping from start to finish and I couldn’t put it down. A fantastic read.

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