Shattered RestraintShattered Restraint by Cassandra Lawson
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Danny is a human living at a vampire settlement. Having been raised at a human settlement and hating vampires his entire life, he has a hard time adjusting, until he starts to make friends and see for himself that not all vampires are evil.
During an unscheduled trip to the city, because a pregnant vampire needs to visit the Doctors, he is ambushed and taken captive by Rodger’s goons. He is taken to his former settlement’s new settlement to be experimented on. He is in for a world of hurt.
Quinn is a shifter that Danny has met before and really liked. She snuck into the the vampire settlement in order to meet the other half breed, Layla. Quinn also liked Danny but never expected to see him again. After receiving help in getting free, Danny is supposed to go to the treasure island settlement, but comes upon Quinn being attacked by shifters of a diffrent kind. He immediately starts to help her and when all is done he is shocked by her outsider hating uncle  inviting him to stay at the shifters territory for as long as he would like in graditude for fending off 4 shifters to help Quinn. Needing time to come to grips with the changes in his life and of course wanting to spend time with Quinn he agrees.
Quinn now has mixed feeling about Danny. She admits that she felt an attraction to him when they first met and even now, but she is completely unsure if she wants to be mated, and not knowing much about her history only complicates things more. Danny would never take that step without her complete willingness. When Layla and Simon show up unexpectedly to make Danny go home, she also leaves with them believing Raven is her key to answers….well at least some answers. For Danny, being home is a trial for him but with the help of his friend it will work out.  He has to get beyond his self hate and Quinn needs to make some choices. Does she want to be with Danny? How much does her Parentage matter?
This series of novels has been absolutely entertaining  I really do hope that there are more to come, and I hope that Cam and Claire get a book of their own. Great read, I absolutely recommend.

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