Silent SentrySilent Sentry by Theresa Rizzo
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Silent Sentry is an amazing book; Theresa did an amazing job writing this story. I enjoyed reading the story of Gianna and Joe. Gianna is a beautiful, caring, nurse who decides to make a change in a dilapidated community-Detroit. She is from a nearby upper-class community. When she is working in the nursing field she sees what is happening to the Detroit community, how the people are falling through the cracks and not receiving the help and assistance they need to survive. Gianna develops a clinic in the community. She has also developed a computer system that will help anyone that has been in an accident or is unable to speak when arriving to a hospital. The system is a chip in a necklace or bracelet that they put in their computer system and it brings up the patient’s identity, health history and any pertinent information.
Joe is a handsome surgeon, who is willing to help anyone with the exception of gang members. Joe is a widow, he lost his wife during a shooting in their front yard.
Joe and Gianna have known one another since they were younger, except Joe is older than Gianna. Gianna has had a crush on Joe since she was young girl. The silent sentry begins when Gianna is house sitting for her father and comes upon an intruder in her father’s study. When she is assaulted and is brought into the hospital and being looked over, Pat the detective comes upon Joe and asks about Gianna, Joe then looks into Gianna’s care. She is then sent home but is in need of a care taker for a few days, and that is when Joe volunteers. Gianna stays with Joe over the weekend. Pat continues to look into the intrusion of Gianna’s father’s home. Gianna doesn’t admit that the intruder was looking into her computer, where her program is stored. After going back to work she finds out that someone has been inside her business. She is worried that word will get out and she may lose her sponsor for her company. Joe is there to look after her, she doesn’t like to be watched over, but in her best interest Joe continues to watch out for her. There is more to the story and you need to read it to find out what is going on behind the intrusions and what they are looking for.
I enjoyed this story and believe you will also. Thank you, Theresa for sharing your writing skills with your readers and bringing such life to your characters.

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