Six Guns Volume OneSix Guns Volume One by Sara V. Zook
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Nicky Cain is your average guy who just wants what everyone else has. He finds himself jealous of people who have a lot of money and throw it around.

Nicky’s sick mother is back home in Lazerne, fighting cancer, which is spreading quickly. His mother asked him to go see Carmine and do what he needs him to do. She said Carmine would pay him in cash and that would help with their bills and allow her to get more chemo. Nicky was in Haven, New York when he hooked up with Carmine and his crew…Seton, Remmy, the Triplets, Augie and Hagan. Everyone knew Carmine had a certain interest in Nicky but didn’t know why.

Nicky’s first night out with Seton was not what he expected. Seton shot a man in the head right in front of Nicky and he wasn’t really expecting it. When he got outside, he couldn’t help but empty his stomach. Nicky didn’t know what he was getting himself into and wanted nothing more than to get back to his mother’s house to help care for her.

Nicky soon realized being with Carmine’s crew got him a cell phone, a beautiful, fully furnished house along with a sleek new black sports car. Women were throwing themselves at him and he could have his pick of the litter.

There was one thing though, he wasn’t comfortable with killing anyone or carrying a gun. Seton basically forces Nicky to kill someone and he does.

The first night Nicky is sent out alone to do a simple job of dropping off a package and getting paid ends up a lot different than anyone could have imagined. He ended up having 6 guns on him when he gets pulled over for speeding. This being the reason for his new nickname, “Six Guns”

When he finally is able to deliver the package, he pulls over to look up the address and that is when he ends up meeting Lilah Cross.

Lilah is really having a rough time with everything. Her father disowned her for staying with Mark, who is now her husband. He is a lazy worthless pig who doesn’t do anything but spend all of her money and make a mess of the house. As if her life isn’t bad with that, then her boss Rich makes a move on her, gets her drunk and kisses her which is something she did not want to happen.

Everything seems to be going good for Nicky and his group of friends. Lilah finally seems to be happy with her life also. Then the most unexpected thing happens. Nicky and his crew find out just how important Nicky is.

The book is a tad far fetched especially the part about how Nicky and Lilah met.

I thought the book was very well written and had a great plot. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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