Sliding Down The SkySliding Down The Sky by Amanda Dick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Sliding Down the Sky is a beautiful story about healing and overcoming. Amanda Dick’s writing pulls you in and shows you the strength and courage that her characters have as they battle their personal demons.

Callum is discovering that he is more like his father every day. Lonely, drunk, and destructive. No matter what the face he puts on for others shows, he is torn up by the damage his father did to him as a child. And he feels as though he can’t outrun the image of his father looking back at him in the mirror. Until he meets Sass. He is drawn to her in a way he can’t describe. And he finds himself wanting to know her and see her smile again.

Sass has lost everything she ever was. After a terrible accident, she’s lost her career, her music and her purpose. After her brother nurses her out of the pit of depression she is drowning in, she finds everyday is a new battle to survive. However, she refuses to let Leo down. His idea of a fresh start is to renovate and open a bar, and Sass gives everything she can to help him. But there is always a part of her that isn’t sure where she fits or how she’s supposed to let go of everything she lost. It all seems impossible. Then Callum lights a small but visible spark in her. Can she risk opening up to him after everything she’s been through?

Sliding Down the Sky is book two in a standalone series. I have not yet been able to read book one, Absolution, yet I was still able to completely follow both Callum and Sass, and understand the how the history of the previous book’s characters affects this story. I loved getting to know Sass and Callum. They are very unique characters that don’t fall into the major clichés of most damaged boy/damaged girl romances. Callum is unbelievably sweet and dependable, despite his faults and demons within himself. And it was fun to peel down the walls slowly, almost with Callum, to learn about Sass and what happened to her.

This book was very much emotionally charged. However, I gave it four stars because there was very little action outside of dialogue and the emotional roller coasters both characters were experiencing. There were a handful of tense kisses that faded out to pick the story up at a later time, and a couple of quick bar fights. The book was much more about Callum and Sass’s emotional journeys to learn to love themselves and finding someone who would value them for everything they are. I would recommend this book to anyone in need of an uplifting tale about overcoming the odds, as it was powerful, moving and left me feeling happy for Callum and Sass’s outcome.

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