Stirring Up Trouble (Garrett's Point Book 3)Stirring Up Trouble by Savanna Grey
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Stirring up Trouble by Savanna Grey, was a really delightful love story. Rusty was the sexy biker bar keep. Had a reputation for being a womanizer. And all the women swoon to him. Mel was the hometown girl that everyone knew and loved. She owned the local diner. “Mel’s diner”. Garrett Pointe is just a little town where everyone knew everyone. Very relaxing book to read. What drew me in was the heart of gold Mel had. She did not need to do what she did after what she had just went through. This is the way it all got started between Mel and Rusty. Mixed emotions are flying everywhere along with lust. Mel’s friends were very protective of her, because she was the girl next door, that never did anything out of the ordinary. Grady was the local sheriff. Emma and Stephanie were great friends with Mel. They were just like a tight little family in a small town. Rusty comes in to the diner and just changes Mel whole outlook of life. Puts a desire in her that she did not know she had. Mel owned the diner and her cook was Jonathan. Jonathan had been attempting to get Mel as his girl for 6 months. She just wasn’t feeling that way toward him. The sad part is Jonathan did get heartbroken. Rusty owned the biker bar down the street and had a couple employees. Dave and Shelly. And of course Shelly like all women wanted some of Rusty. But Rusty didn’t mix business with pleasure, no matter what his “reputation” was. Shelly decided to tell Mel some crazy stuff and Mel could not take it anymore. She had to seek a way out of the situation. Shelly was jealous, because Rusty would have nothing to do with her. Rusty fixed her though. At the end, Mel let that fear take over her again and she ran away and had a mishap. Left Rusty to wonder did he deserve Mel. Will his mind run his heart? It was a happy ending, novel, that can be interpreted as a standalone. I would recommend the book to those that like love stories without all the violence and sexual content. It was a very soft book. I would also like to read more of Savanna Grey’s books.

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