Stuck-Up SuitStuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland
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So let me just say that this book was amazing. I absolutely loved how it began and how it ended.
Sprays was riding the train one morning to work and ended up sitting close to an arrogant stuck up guy barking orders into his phone. ( she named him Mr Big Prick or MBP ) When she glanced over at him, she thought he was absolutely gorgeous. “Beyond gorgeous, reeking of power and money.” He ended up exiting the train one stop before her and when she walked to the door, her foot hit something and that’s when she saw a phone on the floor. So she did what just about anyone would do and picked up the iPhone. The phone was not password protected so she decided to snoop a bit. Finally, she decided to go through his contacts and dialed the first name she saw which was Avery. Soraya advised Avery she found the phone and Avery told her his name was Graham Morgan and to throw the phone in the East River but she decided against it. She rode the train again with MBP and needed more time to study him so she decided to wait one more day to return the phone. She looked him up on google and noticed he not only worked for Morgan Financial Holdings but, he runs the place! She then had fun texting with Ben, the marketing manager.

The day finally came to return the phone so Soraya, went to Morgan Financial Holdings and asked to see Graham Morgan but the receptionist gave her a problem about not having an appointment and advised her to have a seat. When Soraya saw Graham walk in she asked when she can see him but the receptionist advised she will check in with his secretary in about 30 minutes. Soraya was a little firecracker and didn’t take nonsense from anyone so she charged down the hallway she saw him walk and finally hit the intercom on the desk trying to get to speak to him but of course he was MBP and wasn’t making it easy so finally she sent him 3 pictures to his phone and left it for him. The 3 pictures were of her her cleavage with a big middle finger in the middle, one of her legs and one of her rear end with a message that said Your mother should be ashamed of you and the senders name was Your Welcome A$$hole.

They exchanged text messages for a bit. Graham was impressed by her attitude and after seeing the pictures, he couldn’t get her out of his head. He was texting her filthy things every so often.

Finally one morning he figured out who she was by the tattoo on her foot and the rest was history.

They became friends but Soraya has serious trust issues. He was doing small things that was making her fall for him quickly. He was falling just as fast.

Their world was turned upside down when there was a funeral Graham had to go to and brought Soraya along with him.

Their relationship is tested by the biggest test of all and sadly, they haven’t been together long so maybe, they won’t end up with the Happily Ever After.

I FLOVED this book and am so glad I got to read and review it. I actually loved the ending where Graham runs into Chance Bateman. They exchange stories about both Aubrey and Soraya. Chance then explains how things happened between him and Aubrey. You have to trust fate!

Best of all….chance was walking a goat! I loved how that was thrown in at the end!

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