Talon (The Astor Chronicles Book 1)Talon by Amanda Greenslade
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This fantasy adventure begins with a young man named Talon, he’s a quartermaster’s apprentice to Bessed, who is also his Foster father, and a Gatherer. He is also a follower of the Lightmaker.
He has been waiting, hoping and praying to become bonded to an animal who will in turn become a sentient begin when bonded. Being bonded allows both animal and person traits from the other and the ability to change shapes for both of the bonded. Rada-kin as they are known. When he is bonded to an Icetiger his world changes, not only is she fierce and rare but her kind are usually bonded to Warriors Not Gatherers.
While running an errand for Bessed to get fish, because fish haven too few in their section of the river lately, something terrible happens to them and his Icetiger who has named herself Rekala meaning Fury is taken by the Zeika.
With her help he manages to escape and makes it to a family members house with severe burns on his hands. Devastated that he had to leave Rekala behind but knowing he has to heal before he can rescue her he spends the time at his family’s healing and trying to come up with a plan to rescue her. While thinking about Rekala he hears a strange voice in his head trying to reassure him that they will get her back. Finding out that his was Rada was a big deal but to be Anzaii too, the Lightmaker really blessed him!
2 gifts from the Lightmaker, Tiaro his Anzaii- kin is a spirt gift, and she will be guiding him spiritually.
Upon his return to his village there is a Zeika raid and they take most of his people, as one of the only people able to fight left he sets out to free them and his Rada-kin Rekala. Using his Anzaii – kin Tiaro and the help of another Rada-kin from Lilth he is able to free his people and his beloved Rekala.
After the rescue of his people he realizes that they need him so much more than he thought and in order to be what they need him to be, he has to go on a pilgrimage to Tanza and Watercrag to find out if he is Sleffion and Tolite, without that he cannot be named Wave Master.
That is the beginning of this fanciful adventure and I hope there is more to come.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will be watching out for the next book in the series.

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