The Accidental Slave: (Aya's Story - part 1) (The Slave Series)The Accidental Slave: (Aya’s Story – part 1) by Elin Peer
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This is book one of a four book series that consists of four separate, but intertwined, stories.
What an emotionally charged story this was! There were moments when I literally found myself holding my breath. The story follows Aya – a young nurse arriving in a foreign war-torn country and on her way to a refugee camp to help slaves that had been rescued. She meets Aston right off the bat and his sarcastic ways build up a wall between the two of them despite the fact that they will be working at the camp together. Eventually, after spending some time together the two start to build a friendship and frequently venture outside of the refugee camp. On one of these ventures, Aya bumps into a tall, handsome, beautifully built man. The two are immediately smitten with each other and although no conversation is exchanged, Aya can’t get this man out of her mind – to the point that she even fantasizes about him!
Next thing you know, Aya and Aston are on another venture through the village when they’re both kidnapped by members of the Masi group. This group of terrorists are considered the worst of the worst and are well known for kidnapping women and making them slaves – particularly sex slaves. The author does an amazing job of describing the fear that Aya experiences and the torture and pain she goes through. As a reader, you can’t help but worry for this young lady!
Aya ends up being “bought” by a dirty, unbathed, disgusting man. The physical and sexual abuse she goes through is enough to make your stomach churn. To top it off, this man is the brother of Kato, the handsome fella Aya ran into! The attraction between Aya and Kato is palpable and I felt so torn as I wanted so badly for Kato to be better than this terrorist group he was a part of yet it was upsetting at the same time knowing his involvement with this particular group. As Kato and Aya’s relationship develops and they decide whether or not to risk escape, this story will have you pulled in and on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. I would absolutely recommend this book!!

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