The Accidental Slave (Aya's story Part 2)The Accidental Slave by Elin Peer
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I am loving this series! The emotional pull you feel as you read what this “accidental” slave goes through is exactly what you hope to get out of a GREAT book and even better that this is an entire series!
This book starts off where ‘The Accidental Slave – Part 1’ left off by continuing the story of Aya and Kato. The emotions between these two are through the roof! One minute they’re falling in love and the next the tension between the two of them is unreal. I would go from rooting for things to work out somehow between the two of them despite the fact that their lives couldn’t be more opposite of each other to wanting to reach into the book to strangle Kato. The author does such a nice job of portraying the angst that Kato is experiencing as he is forced to put Aya through some terrible physical pain just to keep their relationship and their plan under wraps.
As their plan starts to unfold and become a successful reality, it’s obvious that Aya is starting to question her true feelings towards Kato. Are they genuine? Or are they brought on by the circumstances she found herself in? Can she forgive Kato, look beyond his past and the choices he had made, and see him for the person he was working so hard to become for her?
I can’t wait to read book three of this four book series! I would highly recommend this book, but PLEASE read book one because it’s just as amazing!!

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