The Accidental Slave (Aya's story part 3/3)The Accidental Slave by Elin Peer
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This is book three in Elin Peer’s Slave series and each book gets better and better! As much as I loved book one, I was surprised how much I also loved book two, and now book three has also blown my mind!
The book is still following the story of Aya and Kato. They’ve escaped and are both once again experiencing the joys of absolute freedom. Unfortunately, Aya is experiencing some personal battles due to the horrific time she spent as a slave. Her new found freedom – although wonderful – is not the same as it was before she was captured and forced to be a slave. The physical, emotional, and sexual abuse she endured has changed her and now she’s battling all of those feelings while trying to get back to her normal life. This includes working to figure out what her true feelings are for Kato. Kato is doing his best to give Aya the time to figure things out. He’s keeping his distance despite the fact that his love for her keeps him from pulling completely away. Will he keep sticking around through the tests that Aya keeps throwing his way? Is this a relationship that will stand the test of time or is it time for the two of them to go their separate ways??
I love how the author pulls the reader into the story. I find myself so involved with these books that I forget the world around me – that is my favorite kind of book! I cannot recommend this series enough. Be sure to read the books in order so that you can follow their tumultuous journey from the get-go. It’s an emotional ride!!

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