The Angel Knights (The Angel Knights, #0)The Angel Knights by Mary Ting
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This a prequel novella that sets up what looks to be a good book based on Angels and Demons, good versus evil.

Lucia is the daughter of Michael and Claudia and sister to Zach. They are Venators, charged with protecting humans from Demons and the Fallen. Tasked to fight for us without us ever knowing, they must check their emotions because emotions are a weakness, especially when you watch a friend die right in front of you. It is quite difficult being half human though as they will soon find out for themselves. After a battle in New York City, Lucia and Zach find out that they are tasked with a very special mission. They, with their Uncle Davin, must go to Hawaii and see if they can discover the plan of the Fallen, figure out what is the cause of all the missing kids, and why it is becoming a hub of supernatural phenomenon. In order for this to happen successfully, they must learn to act like teenagers and learn all they can about us. Will they succeed?

In such a short amount of pages, I have been sucked into the world of the demon hunting Venators. I have already been truly swept up in this beautiful story and I am excited to see what troubles lies ahead and how they manage it.

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