The Chosen Knights (The Angel Knights, #1)The Chosen Knights by Mary Ting
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This is the first full length novel in what looks to me to be an amazing series and a spin-off of another series called the Crossroads series. A fresh take on the Supernatural world that I think is under appreciated at the moment and a fresh perspective on the fight between good and evil. After reading the prequel novella, The Angel Knights, I knew that this was going to be a book I would recommend to everyone I know.

Lucia and her family are demon hunting Venators. They protect us humans from demons which walk among us undetected. Lucia along with her twin brother Zach and their Uncle Davin are sent to Hawaii to investigate a surge in paranormal activity that involves a lot of teens disappearing. In order for this mission to be successful, they must fit in as humans. That means they have to learn our history, our mannerisms, and our ways. That also means they get to drive cars, wear jeans, and make friends. Jake, their next door neighbor is eager to be Lucia’s boyfriend but will settle for friendship. He is a descendant of Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and as the legend goes, a guardian of the Knight’s treasure. We also meet a lot of different types of supernatural, an Elementum who can control the elements. A Lamai, a modern version of a vampire and quite a few others. We also meet Eli, he is special in many ways and enigma to Lucia. They must join forces if they are to stop Cyrus, the head of the Possessor demons from getting the treasure and completing his master plan that will set in motion a war that will destroy the human population. All of this while dealing with their senior year of high school and trying to figure out how they fit into the world around them.

This started off with a bang and kept going from there. Mary Ting took her time to develop the characters and the story quite well. I thought it flowed well and I found myself reading faster and faster in anticipation. I was disappointed at first when I realized I was not going to get a resolution at the end of the book and then I realized, that means I get to read more! The next installment comes out October 2016 and I am waiting patiently for it. I have already bought her other series to keep me occupied so I will say she has found a fan in me.

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